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Mobile Apps

Big Squirt! Squirt'Em Game

Snigglezoo Money Drop Game

Snigglezoo Needs Vs Wants Game

Rooney Design 12 Days of Christmas

Print Design

Big Squirt! Wild Side Poster
California DOC 100 Billion Cans Poster
California DOC History of Recycling Poster
Failure Analysis Annual Report
Fair Oaks Water District Brochure
Lionakis Beaumont Brochure
Money Mammals Saves For A Goal Book
Sacramento Zoo Annual Report
World Products Brochure


Barnett Environmental
Delta Water Supply Project
Fair Oaks Water District
Flow Water
Junior Achievement Crazy Bowl
Modesto Back School
Norcal Indoor Sports
Off The Wall Indoor Soccer
Old Sacramento Historic District
Patwin Elemetary
Regional Water Authority
Sacramento Department of Utilities
Strategic Frameworking
Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency

Online Design

Byers’ Leafguard Storm Ad
Byers’ Leafguard Fire Ad
Byers’ Leafguard Ladder Ad
California Lottery Powerball Demo
Money Mammals Promo Flash Movie
Money Mammals Service Credit Union Spot
Emerald Tax Freedom Day Flash Movie
Shore Rundell Flash Intro Movie

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